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At Blazing Sun IMB, we recognize the importance of sound fundamentals. In order to truly excel in any martial art, you must master the basics first. This is especially true of boxing, kickboxing, and JKD related concepts. Everything is based upon those basic skills.

With our 'Boxing Basics' page, we try to touch upon some of those basics and answer any questions you may have. So, Email Us any questions you have and we will post them as discussion topics on this page.


If there is one single most important conecpt to realize, this is it. In any type of fight, in our out of the ring, if you are not relaxed, you are at a severe disadvantage. A relaxed person exerts less energy, makes less mistakes, and is able to absorb the surrounding elements much more efficiently. When you are relaxed, you can read your opponents movements much more effectively. Someone who is afraid, tense, or nervous, will make mistakes. There is no easy soution to the relaxation problem. It only comes with time and experience. So Practice, practice, practice!

Your Stance

You should be relaxed and comfortable at all times in your stance - semi-crouched, balanced, and fluid. A person should be able to throw any attack, or any defense from your basic stance. If you can't, then you are not balanced and not prepared. For more specific information see Bruce Lee's article, The On-Guard Stance  for more detailed information on the basics of your stance.

Hands up! Chin Down! Elbows in!!

The basic premise here is - STAY COVERED. If you drop your hands, you are opening yourself up to get hit in the face; tilt that head back and you are making that chin an irresistable target start flapping your arms during those kicks and you are exposing your mid section. Anyone can get a lucky punch in. If you stay covered, you lessen the likelihood of that strike causing significant damage.

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