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The art of Jeet Kune Do(JKD) ecompasses a multitude of martial arts styles. More importantly, Jeet Kune Do recognizes each individual as different in their learning and capabilities. Each person much research their own exprience - integrate what works for you, and throw away what doesn't.

Truly streetwise, Jeet Kune Do takes its most effective principals from such arts as Boxing, Muay-Thai kickboxing, Wing Chun kung fu, Jiu-Jitsu, Filipino Kali and Eskrima, Savate, Shoot Fighting and others. Jeet Kune Do trains in all ranges of combat: Kicking Range, Boxing Range, Trapping Range, Grappling Range, and how to flow from one range to the next. The classes Blazing Sun IMB offers in Jeet Kune Do cover all these aspects and more.


The above illustration demonstrates a Jeet Kune Do exercise using trapping range. Trapping is one of the four ranges used in Jeet Kune Do, along with Boxing, Kickboxing, and grappling, or wrestling.

 Originally developed by the late Bruce Lee (see Bruce Lee's JKD for more information) , Jeet Kune Do has risen to be the most practical and efficient martial art in use today. The reason for the this is due to the dilligence of Bruce Lee and his students. Bruce Lee constantly changed, modified, and refined the art according to what works - and his students have followed in his foot steps.

Jeet Kune Do does not fall into the trap of more traditional arts where a student is confined by the various forms and 'techniques', that often were developed for styles of fighting that are no longer applicable in todays world.



Jeet Kune Do  Training with Sifu Richard Bustillo seminar at Dragons Den MMA

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