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Blazing Sun IMB fighter Angel VazquezMuay Thai Kickboxing is a dynamic martial art that combines the footwork and handwork of Western boxing with grappling(wrestling), kicks, elbows and knees of Muay Thai. Muay Thai kickboxing was founded in Thailand. It is the native martial art of that country. Muay Thai sets itself above other forms of kickboxing in that it uses the whole body more effectively - incorporating knees, elbows, and clinching into more traditional kickboxing arts. Muay Thai gives you the ability to thouroughly respond to the myriad of street scenarios you may encounter. Its overall body conditioning make it an ideal martial art.

Muay Thai Class

Muay Thai is a practical and efficient form of self defense, that conditions both the mental and physical. It can help increase your awareness, speed, strength, and conditioning. It helps develop self confidence. Students learn how to hit and hold all forms of training equipment along with learning footwork, distance, timing,in-fighting and the tie-up position.

Muay Thai Class Muay Thai is considered one of the most effective self defense martial arts in practice today. It's style is readily applicable to the street and is used by various military and police units throughout the world.

Anyone who has ever aspired to have a ring fight, looking to get in great shape, or is interested in the Thai workout is encouraged to take this Blazing Sun Class.

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