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 Otherwise known as grappling, submission wrestling has over the last seven years grown into one of the most televised and popular combative arts. Comprised of Catch-as-catch-can wrestling, Shoot-fighting, Jiu-jitsu, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, and Greco-Roman Wrestling, covering from take-downs to submission locks, this class includes all aspects of ground fighting.



Wrestling Tournament

Grappling truly is an art form. Grappling skills can be a great equilizer. A skilled grappler negates the advantages of height, strength, and weight, that are often prominent factors in other forms of fighting. Regardless of what martial arts style you prefer, a knowledge of grappling is essential.
Under the tutleage of our Championship grappling instructor, Rob Stewart, you will a be exposed multitude of grappling strategies that draw from various styles. Following the tenets of Jeet Kune Do - use what works. And this is what Blazing Sun does in our wrestling classes.
Senior Instructor Rob Stewart on his way to another Gold Medal
The picture taken above was at a Tournament where Senior Instructor Rob Stewart brought home another one of his Three gold medals

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