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    The martial arts boom in the United States during the late 70's and 80's created a myriad of martial arts centers across the country. This creates a large pool of choices for the potential martial arts student. Every center is different in a multidude of ways. Some focus on tradition, some on physical fitness, while others stress historical accuracy as the most importants points of their respective arts. At the Blazing sun IMB we try to touch on all aspects of a martial arts center to provide a fulfilling, well-rounded experience, for ALL our students, young and old.

In order to acheive the most satisfactory results, a prospective student must choose the martial arts center that best fits their goals.This can be a tough decision and  should be made carefully. That's why, at the Blazing Sun IMB, we offer a free week trial membership. For that week, you can attend as many classes as you want, in fact, we encourage it. We want you to experience as much as you  can in that week to see if Blazing Sun International Martial Arts and Boxing is the right martial arts center for you.

We are confident once you experience the unique environment at the Blazing Sun IMB, you will be eager to join our team. So come down and check us out.

One week, unlimited classes, ABSOLUTELY NO OBLIGATION.

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Trial Membership
Blazing Sun offers a FREE one week Trial Membership. Unlimited classes! Contact us or stop by for more information.